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More on scientific names....

I do understand the need for scientific names, but I also must add the caveat that they are not required by everyone; some of us ambling-along nature-lovers find some scientific names very off-putting indeed. How interesting it is, to tell a group of children, "See the Spittle-bugs!

spittle bug photo IMG_3470.jpg

Can you see how that froth protects the larvae?" rather than saying:

"The froghoppers, or the superfamily Cercopoidea, are a group of Hemipteran insects, in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha. Traditionally, most of this superfamily was considered a single family, Cercopidae, but this family has been split into three separate families for many years now: the Aphrophoridae, Cercopidae, and Clastopteridae. More recently, the family Epipygidae has been removed from the Aphrophoridae."

If I spout that paragraph at a group of children or adults whom I am taking on a nature trail, they will disappear faster than the dew on the grass...or the froth on it! The only Superfamily many children would be interested in would be from the movie "The Incredibles"!
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