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Why LJ is dead as a dodo for me

1. Most of the friends who were on LJ have moved on.
2. All the comments, debates and conversations have ceased. I find FaceBook a place where all this happens now.
3. Some days, I am not able to even open LJ. If I do, I am sometimes not able to post. If I can, I am not able to see friends' posts, or comment on them. Sometimes I can't even reply to the rare comment that someone leaves on my post.
4. I think that spammers are the only visitors I have. My stats have recorded 190 unique visits yesterday, 160 today. ONE comment, and 80 spam comments (in Japanese, mostly, nowadays.)

I'll still continue to post (I must say, I am able to post most of the time now, and occasionally see friends' posts, more often than earlier.)...but LJ...the "live" has gone out of it for me. What's the use of a place where all the action, and the interaction, has gone?
Tags: dead, lj, sadness

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