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Cataract surgery complications: Wait and See, 100415

My darling A,

Yesterday, you wasted one hour of your working time, preparing
questions that I could ask the eye doctor. I got the surgeon who did
my right eye (Dr Praveen Murthy) to give me an appt today at 3pm

For the rest of you, if you don't want the details: I have a not very
major problem caused by the surgery, and should wait to see if it
settles down, or I get used to it, over the next few months.

If this is enough for you, just delete the email. Only Anjana may be
interested in all the ikkini details, I will not blame anyone else if
they are bored to death :D

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I thanked the doctor. I think that whatever can be done has been done,
quite diligently, by the eye clinic. I am one of those 'statistics'
which are just numbers...until they happen to you!

Now that I have the information..I will be not just an eye patient,
but generally patient, and see if my problems settle down over a
period of a few months.

A, I am content to wait, and I do not want to see another doctor
in the US. In fact I will be extremely happy if I never have to see
another doctor professionally again!

Cheers, "Misty-vision" Amma

From the tax return form...

I thought D was kidding when he read it out, but no...it was really there in the tax form...

tax return 150410

"If line 38 is $125,100 or less and you did not provide housing to a Midwestern displaced individual, multiply $3.650 by the number on line 6d."

Well, the rest of it is quite as funny, too...read no. 43...they have to *tell* you to enter "0"...

I told them that they had provided housing to a Far Eastern misplaced individual, so would they get a rebate on their taxes? Or could they at least get to multiply $ 8974 by the number on line 18f? (Big thrill of the day!)

a wedding has been arranged...

A very close friend's daughter has agreed to a particular alliance and everyone is in a tizzy about the engagement....made me realize how many complications this business of an arranged marriage can lead into, and how simple my child made it for us....I certainly would have hated being told to buy stainless steel vessels and cupboards and jewellery for my daughter!