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Creating the look, 251216

On Christmas Day, I went to the 4th Sunday outing of BngBirds, which I had organized this month at Hoskote Lake. It was foggy, and I got some mist-erious shots:





Amongst other things, I noticed this godman getting ready for his day, donning the accoutrements of his trade (sorry, religion seems to be as much a profession these days as any other more-usual one!)


He had an assistant, who did not seem to need as much adornment as he did.


I asked them if I could take photographs, and he and his assistant nodded and carried on with their makeup. Everything...the "rudrAksha" beads, the "vibhUti", the "sindUr"...was being applied carefully.


I got a strange, half-suspicious look when they realized I was taking more than one photograph! So I stopped and went on my way.


What are the lives of these people like, and how do they eke a living? I will never know...we live in the same city, but on different planets!

The Nordic Cosplay Championships, 24 and 250714, Linkoping, Sweden

I did not know, until now, about



until yesterday, when we decided to go to the event at


area of Linkoping University. I thought, on seeing the made-up people, that it was a kind of college event; only on googling about it did I realize that since 1990 or so, it's become an international event. What we saw yesterday (and the parade today, in the totally unusual 31 deg C heat and humidity) was the

Nordic Cosplay Championships


Here's the

Facebook page

Here are people celebrating the Japanese influence in Cosplay:




Collapse )

However, I did pics:




is my album on Facebook



are PC's excellent photographs! I was inhibited about asking people to pose, but he was not! I did not realize that in contrast with everyday situations, here, people were quite proud to pose in their costumes.

She turned five...

Yesterday, April 29th, was the day Eli/Biddli/Boodi Ma/Beedool turned five.

a bdi fry

She loves dressing up and is quite the girly girl. Her especial favourites are "sparkly shoes"...she seems to have got a new pair for this birthday!

Her paternal grandparents were there to wish her and cherish her...well, I can't complain, I'll be there, too, in the course of time!

Happy birthday, my dear angel fairy, may magic dust touch you all your life.

Puff, the Magic Dragon...Halloween

Here's one of GD's favourite songs:

....and here is Puff the Magic Dragon (having undergone a change of sex...after all, the dragon IS magic!), looking into her bag of treats (I don't think she tricked anyone), on Halloween:

puff lking into goody bag 311011 stl

She's willing to hold out her bag for her parents to look, but I'm not sure if she'll share all those marshmallows and candies!

puff mgc drgn holding out loot bag 311011


is what she was two years ago....



is the other year!


I canNOT get over it. They are clothes of torture, garments of ghastliness.

I mean hospital gowns. Recently, my daughter had to wear one.

They instantly rob one of the dignity of an individual, and by exposing one's back and backside, bring one down to the awful anonymity of a that sad creature, a "hospital patient" or, even more facelessly, "Bed no. 4568" or "Room 410B".

But WHY? There must, I realize, be a specific reason why they flap open at the back like that. Perhaps, nurses and others want instant access to all sorts of skin and muscle, and it is less of an embarassment to show one's backside,which looks alike on one and all, than one's...er...frontside, which is rather more unique and more "private"....but why on earth must they have those awful two ties and no privacy at all otherwise? Instead of those two horrible ties, a strip of velcro could ensure instant access and yet ensure some semblance of coverage, too, when access is not required.

My daughter's hospital gown was even more hilarious as it came with an assortment of press buttons which took 3 of us 15 minutes to figure out...the press buttons, pressed, created two sleeves...but of COURSE the back of the gown was nice and ...free..and open, and if the situation had not been so serious, it would have had me laughing right then. Why were those press buttons needed for the sleeves? Why could they not be used for the back? I still cannot work it out.

And to add insult to injury, the gown often results in a feeling of chill and cold on one's unprotected body in the air-conditioned hospital room, especially when one is ill and has low resistance or endurance. I always visualize a person in hospital having goose-pimpled skin with that kind of...er, exposure.

Here's the lovely cartoon that brought on this post...

hospital gowns 250108

As Americans would say, of things which are not good...."bummer"!!

Lambadi women at Jayanagar 9th Block market


These are not "costumes" but the actual clothes that these women wear every day...so colourful and beautiful! Look at their jewellery (including the multiple armbands on one of them  and the waist decoration on another)  , and the "joothi"s that one woman is wearing.


The vegetables are: top row, a variety of beans that I have seen only in India. we call it Avaraikkai, plantain tree stems (they are delicious!), cabbages; middle row:  tomatoes, another variety of  beans,  and you can see some cucumbers between the women's heads; lower row: okra and brinjal (eggplant or aubergine), and radishes in the red container on the ground.