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Simple and ornate...

I've been recently seeing pictures of several places of worship...all of them very ornate and fancy, indeed. (The latest being a very grand Gurdwara in Dubai..

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I thought of something different when I saw all this finery. I find it somewhat problematic that when the seers and the prophets are themselves simple people, we seem to want such opulence in revering them, and the amount of gold and money spent on a place of worship seems so important to us. I've often heard the comment in the temple..."Look at that crown of diamonds, it cost X crore rupees!", "Don't forget to see the golden kalashas!" and so on...so it's there in every religion. I often think that if Christ were to come, in his poor carpenter's garb, or bleeding from the cross, He would not be admitted to any of the grand churches...if Rama came to one of his temples in the apparel of tree-bark that he wore during his exile in the forest, he would be turned away....

To me, Mother Teresa's home in Calcutta, where she lovingly tended to lepers and the terminally ill...is more of a temple to God.

I expressed the same thoughts, when I visited the Shirdi Sai Baba temple,


A feel-good incident this time!

I've been interacting, on FaceBook, with the MD of BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Corporation), Mr Manivannan (though our interaction is not mainly on civic issues..he's quite a poet!). I have been getting the sense that he's shaking up this behemoth and making them more accountable and user-friendly.

I realized that if I was going to be away for a long time, I could ask for minimum billing on my apartment. I wrote to the contact email (Ms Jayanathi) on the BESCOM website...and promptly got a return email from her, telling me whom I had to contact, and the phone nos...and additional ones if I wanted more details.

The first few times I called Mr Lokesh, the AE at J P Nagar 6th Phase office, there was no response on the mobile. However, a couple of days ago, he responded, and told me what to do. Since my electricity bill is paid by ECS (Electronic Clearance Service), it was even simpler...I did not even have to pay anything in advance by cheque. He told me to bring a letter asking for the minimum billing, and a copy of my latest electricity bill, for reference.

When I went to the BESCOM office, of course, I did get some of the usual runaround. I Go to Desk A, Desk A says Go to Desk B, Desk B says Go to Desk A, I say, Desk A sent me here, Desk B says go to Desk C, Desk C says go to Desk D...at this point, I ask why I am being sent from desk to desk in this way. I take Mr Lokesh's name, and say that he asked me to come here. The mention of the name has a salutary effect. The person at Desk B takes up my paper, and goes through the records on the computer. He tells me that I will be billed only the minimum charges for the time period that I have specified in my letter. I come home, rather happy. I will have to check from the US, online, if my account is, indeed, getting debited with only the minimum charge.

Change happens slowly...but with a dynamic person at the top, it IS happening. I want to thank Mr. Manivannan, and other officers down the line, for making things easier for us consumers.

Advertisement Observation

The more plinky the music in the advertisement (eg the tinkling notes of the piano in a jewellery ad)...the more expensive the product being advertised.

And these "lifestyle" ads....it could be an ad for shampoo, jeans, jewellery, food, vegetable oil, nappies, feminine hygiene, ANYTHING...that abstract, vaseline-brushed soft focus, those richer-than-the-plutocrats homes, the fair-as-foreigners actors and those cleaner-than-Switzerland locales...they are all sort of all-purpose.

The death of the MLC....

I got a call from the Canon Service Centre yesterday; apparently, after replacing the zoom unit, they found the camera still wouldn't work, and needed a couple of more (read expensive) things replaced as well. The young woman who called said that the cost would now cross 12K.

Yes, it's only a material possession, I know. But for the last year and a half, I have truly enjoyed the Canon Powershot S3IS . I got it in June 2007, and took it to Tanzania, where I got many nice videos; I used the supermacro function a lot, and street photography, and low-light photography (which the S3 is NOT supposed to be good for) worked pretty well. My play reviews were so much better when backed up by a photograph!

And...the number of interesting scenes, people, situations, signboards that my MLC has captured for me....it has really given me a lot of joy. I also did get to know the camera, and its capabilities, really well. As I am NOT a gadget person, this, too has been a source of satisfaction to me.

I am thinking about buying a new camera, because I do want that video function to document the usual "I have the best grand-daughter on Planet Earth" baby stuff, but I hope I will document other interesting-to-everyone stuff too.

Should I go in for the Canon SX10, or should I buy another camera? itsalouwelylife and mohanvee recently bought one that I could get used to...but the Canon SX10, at the same price, comes with the CMOS sensor....

Suggestions, please....shivakumar_l, you have already given me some pointers, any more cameras you can suggest?

I am trying not to be miserable about the death of my MLC....but it's incredible how attached I had become to it...it really did go EVERYWHERE with me....

A new symbol for the Rupee


(Thank you, enigmaticash)

I can't understand...

1. Why most of these symbols seem so hung up on the "two short lines" that is associated with the Euro symbol. Shows a great lack of creativity in those who designed these symbols, I think.

2.What's wrong with the "Rs." as it is? Why do we need ad agencies and Govt agencies spending HUGE sums of money(whether Mohur, Rupyah, or Dum..gold,silver and copper...) to design something else (which might add to the devaluation of said Rs., too?)

3. Why not have an "Ag" symbol, (Latin for silver...Argentum)or the Sanskrit symbol for silver which is what "rupaiah" actually connotes, "currency of silver"? (the wiki entry says the Sanskrit word for "wrought silver is "rup" ...also meaning "form", or "rupyah"..and "rupyakam" is "coin of silver" ) ?

Let's face it, the Rupee. at over 50 to the dollar, is never going to be a Gold Standard, so let's at least make it Silver across the world!

K sera sera...

When I went to the Malleswaram Heritage Walk, my beloved MLC fell to the ground, and though it was in a bag, it still broke...and the camera guy told me that it would cost "more than 3K" (that more-than sounds ominous!)....

Yesterday we went to attend the wedding of fellow NTP-er, sainath (can you imagine, I can't post a pic of him and his very beautiful bride, as there is no MLC!)...and, a very rare occurrence for me, I had decided to take the car.

So naturally, an autorickshaw (I don't know WHERE the driver was looking, he could not have hit me if he had been looking ahead) hit the car broadside on, on the left-hand-side, and when we stopped to look at the damage, he ran away. We spent a lot of time trying to see how we could file an FIR at the nearest police station....

It turned out that if the damages were anything less than 7K,it doesn't make sense to claim insurance, as we would lose the no-claim bonus for the next two years, and that would amount to a loss of 5K....so today, the tinker-job garage told me that it would be done for 6.5K...and we are not claiming insurance, which is anyway a big pain...

That flapping noise that you hear is all those K's flying out of our pockets quite quickly....! That's why I feel that worrying about money is futile...K sera sera....whatever (expenses) will be, will be!

We still managed a lovely weekend, though!