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Lion-tailed Macaques, Valparai, 18-200414

On Good Friday, Anjali, Gopal, Rohan, Tharangini, Yeshoda and I went to


in the aNNAmalai range (Coimbatore district) in Tamil Nadu.




was one of the several creatures we hoped to see on our trip to Valparai. The lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), or the wanderoo, is an Old World monkey endemic to the Western Ghats of South India.

The hair of the lion-tailed macaque is black. Its outstanding characteristic is the silver-white mane which surrounds the head from the cheeks down to its chin, which gives this monkey its German name Bartaffe - "beard ape"


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Here are a group, enjoying themselves (yes, that's what I feel!) in the evening:


Art and Sculpture

It's very enjoyable to see a lot of art and sculpture as I walk around (before or after Forest Park, I walk around the University City area.)

In fact, just ten minutes' walk from home brings me to Delmar Station, where this sculpture was installed day before yesterday:

sculpture at Delmar Station 030709

It doesn't seem to have a title...I am calling it the "Popcorn Tub Aggregation"!

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Teaser for the next (and last) Tanzania post...

This, this, is the dream that one has after watching a National Geographic documentary....that one can also make an image like this...it's imprinted much deeper in my memory than it will ever be on any other medium!

Here's the young adult male lion:

Tree-climbing Lion of Lake Manyara

And here's the lioness:

tree-climbing lioness of lake manyara

And if that's not rest and relaxation, I don't know what is!

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