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Pathways International School


While we were at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, we saw two species of mammals...the Nilgai, and the Touristus Noisii. The latter were students of  "Pathways International School", and arrived in large flocks. Some of them came up to some of us with their "Nature Trip" file folders, one page of which said, "Take an interview of a tourist whom you meet there." So they asked us questions, to which some of us could not answer in simple format, and to which some of them supplied their own answers. The cacaphony could be heard kilometres away. When we came back to our cars, we found that lunch was in progress. Discarded lunch boxes (made of cardboard, thank goodness) littered the area.  I asked one boy why, if they were on an eco-friendly visit, they could not dispose of their trash neatly. "This place has so many people to clean it up...why should WE do that?" he demanded. We came back talking about them and Abhijit said, "Did you see their motto? It was, 'We neither bend nor change'..." I was incredulous, as was Hassath. "Yes," insisted Abhijit, "they had it printed across their tee-shirts."

Just then, one of the students sat near the fence, and the back of his tee was too inviting to pass up without a photo. I dived into the car, whipped out the camera, and here the school motto is...


IMG_0289 Pathways International School Motto....!

"Pathwazian" presumably means, "one who studies at Pathways Int'l School". Incredible school, incredible motto! And I was trying to get them to change their habits and bend before Mother Nature, foolish me!