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Biligiri Rangana Temple, 281210


Biligiri Rangana Temple

in B R Hills, is a lovely temple.

Here's the vENugOpAla swAmy ("God who plays the flute and tends the cattle") shrine, and the dhwaja sthambhA (stylized temple flagpole):

brt flagpole 281210

Here is the intricately carved front door:

brt door 281210

For more shots in and around the temple,

click here .

All along the course of the Kaveri are temples to Vishnu as "Ranganatha" , or "Ranga" or "Ranganna" or "Rangaswamy". I wonder why this deity is always associated with this river.... there is Srirangapatna, there is Srirangam in Tamil Nadu, there is Ranganathittu, there is the Biligir Rangana temple, there is the Rangaswamy Betta....all are on various places on the Kaveri river.

Others may sing the praises of the Ganga and the Jamuna, and the other mighty rivers of the north; but I have lost my heart to the beauty of the Kaveri....the beautiful maiden of southern India.

Valley School....181210 One image, and a link to the other pics.

This tiny nymph was an incredibly beautiful sample of the lovely things we saw at Valley School today....

un id nymph vs 181210

Since I am off to Jigani Lake tomorrow for the 3rd Sunday bngbirds outing, please do look at the other pics (including some delightful children, and Anand photographing them as the boys splashed around in the pond!)


Here is a short video of the White-browed Bulbul calling:

It was amazing to see a White-cheeked Barbet, pecking at the wood of the tree-trunk exactly like a Woodpecker!

We watched two of those blue-jewel kingfishers fishing for a while, and could not photograph the full-tail white Asian Paradise Flycatcher that we saw. Anand is an excellent photographer with a top-of-the-line camera (Nikon D90) and I am waiting for his images (he's got the tiny spines on the antennae of that nymph above, can you beat that!)



is the link to that photograph!

While we were there, I met Mr Murali Menon, whom I'd last met when I went with the Valley School children to BR Hills...and I was told that at the presentation that the schoolchildren made, yesterday of the trip, they talked about Chandu and me!

A final and wonderful thing happened in the evening, that will be the next post....

KANS Outing with Children of Titan/Sishya Schools, Hosur, 281110

Kenneth Anderson Nature Society (KANS)

has been an organization I've belonged to for a while, and they are doing a lot of good work in the areas around Hosur. On Sunday, they'd organized an introduction for about 50 students from two Hosur schools...the Titan School, and Sishya....and then a field trip in the scrub jungle beyond Hosur.

I had thought that my fellow volunteers were going to Hosur and staying over on Saturday, so I'd decided not to go...but when Guru called to say they were leaving early on Sunday morning, I couldn't resist joining in!

Collapse )

For more photos of the outing, click


I only wish I'd been able to go to Aiyur; hopefully, some other time...


Why has Google permanently disabled Picasa's email-photographs-directly feature?

I first encountered the problem on March 13, I don't know if it existed before this. Since then, I have not been able to email photographs using Picasa...I have to go to Gmail and attach photographs as a file and then email them.

I liked Picasa as it would downsize images, and I didn't have to downsize them myself, or send large jpeg files to everyone.

I found a forum of users who were all complaining about this; a friend also tried emailing from his account, and it didn't work for him, either. But now it's past 10 days, and I refuse to believe that the highly paid Google techies could not have rectified this if they wished to.

So...why have they disabled this extremely useful feature? and why not be open about disabling it? Or is it, truly, some mega-glitch that is not rectifiable?

There are some user-features in which Google often lags behind other tech companies. On Yahoo!, for example, being invisible was an option; Gtalk took a very long time in providing this useful option. (A friend of mine who was then working for Google explained the technical difficulty ...a whole difference in the approach....behind this.) Even today, YM has another very useful feature...a "stealth" setting, which enables one to be visible to just a few on one's friends list. If, like me, one cannot handle multiple conversations, this is very useful indeed. Google doesn't have anything like it.

Not having something is, of course, a very different kettle of fish from having something and then disabling it...especially without a word of explanation to the users. Google...what's the matter, and why this opacityi? Alas, mine is not a techie blog, so this question will probably go unanswered... and I will be sending large jpeg files to my Photobucket site and to everyone else :(

No photos...

Since yesterday, none of the photographs I've uploaded to my Photobucket account have shown up there...don't know what's wrong, and don't know how to rectify it, either!

KTB is now holding on to things and standing up, and if those things are not steady, well, she's a Fallen Woman! So...things are pretty hectic throughout the day.

I wanted to post both photos and videos of the beautiful Downy Woodpeckers, the Juncos and the Song Sparrows that I saw yesterday in Forest Park ( froze my fingers and ears practically off in the process, even though the temperature had come up to a balmy 5 deg C...walking briskly in the cold is one thing, standing still, watching the birds, is quite another!)...but will have to wait until I can upload the photos...the Picasa uploading seems to work fine..but no results!

I'm feeling far more at peace with the friendship-that's-ended since *I* made up my mind to mentally end my own feelings of affection, and give up on trying to talk to the person concerned, after several attempts. I think, when I find someone "moving on" in future, I'll try and do a bit of moving on myself....next time, perhaps I won't make so many attempts.

Problems with posting pictures...


Flickr, where I used to post my pictures before posting them on LJ, used to tell me things like "you have posted 2% of your month's quota" or stuff like that. Now, suddenly, it says I have posted 200 photos and now the older ones will be hidden until and unless I upgrade to a paid account. I have tried deleting the older pictures but that doesn't seem to work, it says I must delete my newest uploads ( I don't know why!).

If I delete a pic that I have posted on LJ I will get a blank display on LJ, as I have experienced.

sainath suggested that since I am using Picasa on my laptop, I upload to Picasa web albums. But I spent all morning trying unsuccessfully to upload; I dont' know enough to understand why I am unable to (I was uploading only 4 pics!)...

I want to know, if I have my pics on my hard disk, is there a way I can directly post them to LJ?

Can I open a new account with Flickr and use that (or will it log my IP address and refuse)?

Oh, the difficulties that come with ignorance....I have some pics I took of the examples of bad design on the Jayadeva flyover vis-a-vis bus stops, and I am not able to post the pics....

If someone could help, I would be very grateful!