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Half-day Trip to Bheemeshwari JLR,14th Oct 06


Hah, that was a nice serious title...but we had so much fun yesterday, too!

yathin had again offered his Skoda for the ride, but I think I am jinxed...at Bannerghatta on Wednesday, someone had apparently deliberately punctured his tyre with a nail, and he didn't have the time to get it repaired thereafter. So I offered to take KM's pet, the Honda CR-V...(much jubilation amongst the juvenile members of the trip, one in particular who wants me to adopt him so that he can get his hands on KM's camera, lens and car!)....but wait..Murphy had no intention of being left behind. When I went to fill up petrol, there was this "rolling" noise on the right rear wheel, with Yathin instantly identified as worn out brake disks. There was no way I was going to take a car with that kind of question mark, out on the bad stretches of Kanakapura Road!

So the second choice was the Honda City. Yathin was called to work at about 3 am much in the manner of a surgeon, and arrived at my place at about 7am, by which I had the City fuelled (wheels and spare tyre checked!) and waiting. We went off, picking up amoghavarsha and prashanthks on the way (and a very rough way  it was, too.)

DISCLAIMER AT THE BEGINNING: Anyone who is looking for quality photographs..go to the LJ's of Yathin or Amogh or for that matter, anyone else...because I realize that I have committed many mistakes, starting from using the wrong lens....Remember, these are all going to be just ORDINARY tourist-with-a-camera pictures to help me with the field trip report. There will be no sniggering, thank you very much.)
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A lovely half-day of interesting sightings, and great company...I both listened to, and participated in, several interesting debates on the drive back, and came home well-satisfied!


LJ...and friends...and the past!


Made friends with prashanthks over LJ and then decided to meet him face-to-face and did so; now it turns out that his mother and I knew each other when we were young!

NOW I wish I had gone with amogavarsha to Prashanth's wedding reception, which was held a few hundred yards from where I live....I would have found an old friend!

They say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. In this case, the stranger was a friend whom I *had* met before....

LJ...another thank-you to you!

This morning at Lalbagh...


Here's my field report of today's sightings. When I post to my Naturalists' Group, I usually type the names of  birds/ animals that I spotted in capitals, so those who are not inclined to read all the descriptions can just look at the names!

As my last trip in quest of the spotted owlets at Lalbagh didn't result in any sighting...I had decided that I would ask sainath to take me to the area once again. Since prashanthks and his new wife Vidhya (er...that doesn't mean he has an old wife tucked away somewhere) were also keenly interested, we decided that we would meet up near the historic Glass House at Lalbagh.

I decided to go there early and do my morning walk there....it was such a peaceful time, and the cloudy, cool morning made me feel that I don't even need to get away to any "hill station" to enjoy myself in the greenery. (Now *forests*, that's a different story... I need to go there every now and then I think!)  I walked around, going through the juniper alley and then the Sampige (magnolia) alley; looked at the different people who were there at that time, met a good friend who has the luck to live nearby and walk everyday in this lovely public park. I then went over to the Glass House and sat there, watching the flights of the rose-ringed parakeets nearby, and browsed through the morning newspaper which I had brought with me.

Soon,  Sainath  Prashanth and Vidhya turned up; the latter had been delayed by a SHIKRA near their home which they were photographing.  We went over to the "Owlet Area"...and spent a great time watching the SPOTTED OWLETS that roost in a tree near the main lake. (Sainath is leaving for Kanpur but I can take anyone who is interested; the best time seems to be around 8 am or so.) Today, Vidhya spotted many of them in a tree near the Cesealpinae tree where we normally see one! One flew off, but there were still three perched on a branch, and we watched their preening, yawning (yes, they did!) and napping. A squirrel came running around them but didn't disturb them; but a brahminy kite made the third one flutter up to another perch a little higher up. The owlets were so relaxed, it was lovely to see them when they are not alarmed or wary.
We then went to see the WASPS' nest, and Prashanth and Sainath got some excellent shots of it, with the wasps flying in and out. As Karthik suggested, we kept a respectful distance!
We did see many ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS and on the way out I saw the INDIAN KOEL and the COPPERSMITH BARBET, but today our focus was the owlets, who gave us a great show!