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Reading...is such an amazing thing, when you think about it. Just imagine a series of marks giving one information, passing on ideas, firing one's inspiration, evoking strong emotions, tickling one's sense of humour, arousing one's imagination, eliciting memories...reading may give the same information to every reader, but the pictures it evokes in one's mind, the thoughts that it brings about, the imagination that it results in, is different to each person who reads!

So introducing a child to reading, too, is a magical thing, and it's lovely to see this mother, parked on a busy street, taking the time off to read from the book to her toddler! The scene captured my fancy....

reading 101009 delmar

Thank you anirudhc

It's so rewarding to visit friends on other blogs too...today, from Ani's blog, I got this:


Reminds me of the work of


..it really needs imagination and so much painstaking work to come up with each of those!

And a simple, clear illustration of how a sewing machine works, from



Friends are such interesting people...come to think of it...people are so interesting!

Mylapore Morning....

As I felt better in spite of a disturbed night, I decided to walk to, and in, Nageshwara Rao Park.

The park has been really beautified,and is a nice green place to walk, and is large enough that one can walk in a direction opposite to other walkers and not be "herded" along in one direction.

At several places there are posters of old photographs, depicting the Madras (it wasn't Chennai then) of yesteryears, and there are some majestic old trees that cool one's eyes and soul, too.

There was a yoga class in progress in the sandpit, and several people were walking briskly backwards (I don't know if this will really help their health or just cause surprise, amusement, or amazement in the minds of regular walkers.) Several pretty girls had the fine sheen of sweat on their smooth skins, which looked more appealing than the same sheen on the necks of some young men, alas! Monkey-capped old mamas (hey, hey, I must watch this tendency, they are probably my age!) and head-covered-by-scarves old ladies toddled along, each content to keep up hes own pace.

It made a very happy beginning to the last day of 2008.

I have been waiting for KM to finish up some work and then leave for home...but it looks as if it's not going to happen today. So I guess it's going to be a year-long stay at Chennai this time :) Came in 2008 and left in 2009!

2009 was also the registration number of the beloved Premier Padmini (Fiat) that my brother had...sitting and thinking about it.

Waiting, all packed and ready, means that I have been able to do nothing else. But I don't mind being idle in comfort....!

I have internet access now as my sis in law has taken a break from working at home....so I will edit (if this connection permits it) one of my photos and put up a nice New Year message to all of you....if not, I wish each and every one who reads this a happy, healthy, peaceful new year.

But I hope to get my greeting card up...


Why can't LJ at least have a counter for those who visit a blog?

I say "at least" for a reason.

I like dialogue. That's the reason why I post on LJ and not a nice personal diary. I want to know what a reader thinks when s/he goes through my post. And I am realizing that many more people seem to be reading my LJ than I thought (in my naivety, I assumed for a long time that I had a readership of one..then I upped it to about twenty.) And so many of them don't tell me what they think.

There's a definite reason I have not disabled anonymous posting on my LJ. I am, indeed, gentle (or rowdy) reader, interested in your thoughts. If you go through my post silently and pass on...I don't even KNOW you exist.

So make your mark...say something...agree, disagree..drift from the thread of thought...it's all going to be interesting. If you are not an LJ-er, just type your name at the end of the comment.

Well...if all this doesn't happen, *at least* an LJ visit-counter (why won't they have it? Just because Blogger has it?) would let me know how many pairs of eyes have looked in...

I want a counter. To whom should I write?

when people become busy...

Very often when friends and acquaintances go abroad, they lead very busy lives..LJ is a great way to follow happenings in their lives without disturbing them with email (which they might not reply to, either.) But sometimes the LJ's also peter out...sad when you want to catch up with someone's life and you just get the same old stale entry from a few months ago....keeping a journal is like keeping a diary and needs time invested in it...the difference is that allows others to silently keep track of what's going on with you.

Very interesting...

Funny thing...I go through so many LJs....it is like being surrounded by an articulate, multi-faceted group of people...I find it so fascinating that I keep forgetting to update my own LJ!

In the same way, one of my favourite parts of a newspaper or magazine is the readers' letters section. Basically I enjoy hearing what people want to say...and the diversity of opinions on different issues. People are really interesting.