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Save Nanda Road

Rashtriya Vidyalaya, or RV Road, is affectionately called Nanda Road, after the Nanda cinema theatre (there were no theatre complexes in the days when it was built) on the road.

We decided to try and do something to save the beautiful trees on this road, which are slated to come under the axe for the proposed Metro.

So here is a reference to a reference:


amoghavarsha and anushsh decided to start it, and I feel that adding the strength of my words and actions is the least I can do.

I wanted to wait and post after we had achieved something...but am realizing that it's going to be a long, weary, frustrating battle....so let's garner support and gather strength!

The lovely picture of the avenue, with its majestic trees, is by rohan_kini Thank you,,Rohan!...and I have yet to meet you face to face...

Bums on the Saddle

That's the name of the online cycle shop set up by rohan_kini and his friend nikhile...

I have been trying to get to see Pavitra Jayaraman on NDTV. She's special to me for a reason....so I switched on NDTV just now (it's not usual for me to watch TV at this time).

And...I watched (most of) a segment that Pavitra did, about Bums on the Saddle . But in the part I saw, only Nikhil was shown, so I *still* don't know what Rohan looks like! I am very impressed with these people who, on a sustained basis, cycle to work every day.

I am happy that I saw a report by Pavitra, even though her face wasn't seen. And I am glad that Bums on the Saddle was featured! Wayyyy to gooo, Nikhil and Rohan, and others of your ilk.

Whoa, Rohan!

Here's rohan_kini's entry about an initiative by two young men to publicize the merits of cycling, and the dangers of global warming:


I was typing out my comment to him, when I decided that I would make a post of it:

Well, Rohan, I am not belittling the effort of these young men, but I do take issue with your assumption that only if you do something oriented towards publicity are you doing your bit. What about the rest of us, who walk and cycle wherever we can, who take our own bags to the market, who make sure our neighbours don't litter? I do feel that PR seems to be the name of the game...you must do even good things in a "cool" way in order to be praiseworthy!

Not all of us stop at cribbing, you know. Many of us try to do whatever we can; but few of us are articulate or vocal about it...especially since we feel we are in a small minority.

When I had started cycling, (I don't cycle for weekend trips, but do so for all my daily work, instead of taking the car), I phoned up the number that had been given in the newspaper about a cycling initiative (which Bob Hoekstra had joined). I was told I was too old for the campaign, and that they wanted only "well-known" people, for weekend cycling. Humph!

What I appreciate about people like you, Rohan, is that you cycle DAILY to work, and also do your weekend leisure activities without polluting the environment.

Yes, many of us in the city may be apathetic.

But- don't dismiss the rest of us with one line--"But have not seen anyone do anything about this" --just like that!

And...I want you to keep in touch with these people ...two years later...are they still cycling? Are they still following the same precepts? That would be a sustained effort, after making a good start with the run/cycle trip. Sustained effort is as important as the first keen beginning...that's where many of us falter.

But perhaps I sound graceless..actually, I feel that there is so much to be done to change people's mindsets that each and every initiative like this is just great. My best wishes to the duo, I hope their effort is successful.

welcome a ffriend


welcome adarshraju to LiveJournal!

I met him when I went to meet the people who took the Naturalists' Training Program in May this year, and we obviously have our love for nature and wildlife in common...we did a day trip to Manchinabele Dam, and visited the Animal Rescue Shelters in Kengeri and Bannerghatta....but now we share another interest, too, and that's cycling, as you can see from his entry. (Of course my LRT (Little Rattle Trap) is nothing like the sleek machine he has got from rohan_kini....

I am glad to see from his LJ that Nisarg, his friend, has got back to Bangalore after the camera-trap project in Bandipur which he was working on with Andre Pittet.

Welcome, Adarsh, looking forward to reading what you have to say.

Thoughts on doing and being


When I read it, I thought....

That is an excellent post (well, imo anyway)...and Rohan is doing something which very few people actually do...taking conscious time-off.

I have always been very impressed with the words of my son-in-law's dad, who, after quitting his job as the head of a group of newspapers (you can imagine, his office address was "One, City Center"! struggled to lead a quieter life...and he said, "we seem to be always human 'doings'..never human 'beings'." Very wise. How many of us CAN just BE instead of constantly doing something? The first question is to anyone, after asking the name, is, "and what do you do?"

One reason, of course, is economic; as Rohan points out, the loss of revenue during an off-period may not be affordable and that could rule it out entirely.

But even if we could afford it...how many of us would be comfortable doing nothing at all for some time? We would still feel the need to DO something else...travel to XYZ destination, some other course to attend, things to take care of...a week of "doing nothing" would surely be classified as a waste of time, and we would lead the list of classifiers!

And I think activity is hard-wired into us;if we are not hunting/gathering in reality, we should be doing it figuratively; we must at the very least have some "time-pass" as it is so graphically called in India...at least gaping at the idiot box and its images of frenetic activity elsewhere.

A few days ago, in the middle of a hectic day, I decided to spend twenty minutes just wandering around in Lalbagh. The twenty minutes stretched to more than an hour; but the sense of peace that came from that hour is truly priceless.

I am truly thankful to be privileged enough to have enough leisure in my life, and to have the ability to appreciate that privilege.