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JLRNTP-1, 06,07,08 August 2010

It was very enjoyable to go and meet the participants of the latest NTP, which happened at Bannerghatta over the weekend. Chandu and I set off, and it seemed that hardly a few kilometres from my home, the Karnataka Forest Department had decided that the forest had begun, though we were still in the middle of a lot of apartment buildings:

KFD 0 080810

Collapse )

Finally, it was too late to delay any more, and we rode home through the sunset as it glowed over the JLR Bannerghatta Restaurant:

sunset jlr rest 080810

Another lovely stint in the Bannerghatta Zoo area.....meeting new people, and learning fresh bits of information from Karthik!

Bannerghatta forest area....

Taken in the Bannerghatta forest area, 180807...thanks to adarshraju and Geetanjali ...they are great at spotting things!

snail under calatropis leaf Bannerghatta 180807

A Baronet...

un id b'fly, maybe Baronet

And some lovely name-not-known flowers (er, now I am naming them with help from Madhusmita Dutta of the JLRNTP group)

This, she says, is a PASSION FLOWER (what a lovely name!)

un id flower 180807

and this one is a FLAME LILY:

un id flower

un id seedpod

This flower was all over the hillsides...

un id magenta flower

and this one is unknown,too...

un id wildflower

A baby Rock Agama...

baby rock agama

And really amazing..this "flower" started moving across the leaf and I realized it was an insect!

Madhu says this is a kind of MEALY BUG:

"flower" insect...it was only because it was moving that we realized it is an insect!

Could someone help me with the id's? Thanks!

They, too, can move...

The snail, too, moves;
In a trail of slime,
Wary of feet and hooves,
It moves...but takes its own time.

People often fail
To understand that time, too,
Moves inexorably like the snail...
For the fourth line I found a rhyme,too!

Garden Snail

Garden Snail 130707

You think the snail hasn't moved? Check its position vis-a-vis the petal of the gul mohar flower, and the twigs...

Today was also not-exotic birding-but-great-macro-opportunities at IISc, Bangalore (Indian Institute of Science, a premier institution that dates from 1905)...we had gone to meet Andre Pittet, who makes camera traps for wildlife photographers...will probably do a profile of him soon...