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My favourite American food

My favourite American food is NOT what anyone would normally think of...it is...

A 6" subway Veggie Delite (de LIGHT being the operative word, read further)....I ask for all the veggies, but NO mayo, NO cheese, and NO sauce or dressings...and extra jalapenos (not the extremely hot variety but the ok-hot ones....on brown bread. Beat that for a healthy meal! (And I don't have any aerated drink with it either, just water, or if I have thought about it earlier, some lovely homemade filter coffee, with coffee powder brought from India and decoction made on the superb Vietnamese coffee filter that I discovered a few visits ago.) mmmmmm....we did this yesterday on our way to the Zoo...took a thermos of coffee, bought a footlong, and sat under the bare trees in the mild sunlight, and shared the crumbs with some local birds that were alMOST tame enough to come and eat out of our hands....

And the great thing is, no matter where we are driving, there's a Subway to be found!

Another thing I love is the crisp salads that they have here. We do seem not to be able to make such crisp salads in India....I could live entirely on salad, but I like my salads naked, not doused with any dressing at all.