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Intelligence Quotient

I was asked what my IQ was and I replied that the IQ test I had taken was, to my mind, not a test applicable to all human beings, it needed a certain kind of culture and upbringing, and so I could not hold such a test as valid. I also intuitively felt that intelligence is of different kinds.

Having said all this, I was then asked point blank what my IQ was rated as. On hearing my answer, the reply was, "But that's great! Why do you want to say all this about IQ tests, then?"

Intelligence, that has not been leavened by wisdom, maturity and humility, is like the raw clay which can either be fashioned into a better human being...or a figure of raw clay.

Examination subject

I am not kidding, people are taking a comprehensive exam on this topic:

29th July 2008: Comprehensive Exam: Molecular Ecology of thePrimitively Eusocial Wasp Ropalidia marginata: Metapopulation Structure,Genetic Relatedness and Queen Succession

And here I am, leading a blithe life...does eusocial mean being friendly in all the European countries?

This post is for you, premkudva. I don't think we belong on this planet of "human doings".

A sense of humour....

I had sent out a test mail on one of the egroups that I moderate and asked for responses from everyone. Those who responded (alas, 32 out of a possible 97!) said, "Hi" or,
"I am getting the mail on this id"

Except mamtanaidu who responded with, "I am not getting mail on this id!" and followed it up with an evil smiley.

I enjoy every interaction with that crazy young woman!


Someone I know has been agonizing over taking one particular professional exam for months now. She has worried about it, studied for it, taken a mock exam...and still continued to worry. I was wondering when she would stop thinking about how she would do on it, and take it,at last...because I was convinced that she would pass WFC...With Flying Colours. The trouble, and the psychological block of this exam is, that the pass mark is 85%!

Also, if she passed it, the company for which she works would pay the exam fees, otherwise, she would have to do so...

....So she finally did take it last week. And passed. (She got 196/200 but that I think may not be very material to her, though it's the kind of performance that I thought she would achieve, all along.)

The perception of a tough peak ahead is often more daunting to a mountaineer than the peak itself....

Very happy for shortindiangirl.

"Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
Till you find your dream" (Sound of Music)