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What does a birthday mean?

When one is 52, what does a birthday mean?

In the family I grew up in, we didn't have birthday parties and such. On the date that the Hindu star fell (my star is Uttaraphalguni, or Uttaram in Tamizh), one might be taken to the temple by parents, and a set of new clothes might be bought...that's it!

The family I married into is also not much into celebrating birthdays, though of course the nephews and nieces have the Chucky Cheese type outings nowadays!

But I am feeling tremendously happy today...because....

Friends kept dropping in yesterday, even past midnight, to wish me. (This resulted in something I will talk about anon.)

I felt loved and happy.

The train journey from Bangalore to Chennai was full of amazing bird-sightings. Three different varieties of DRONGOS, two types of KINGFISHERS, a SHIKRA, RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS, and several CORMORANTS made sure my eyes were stuck to the window most of the time.

I called my daughter because we were laughing about the way she had filled up the powerpoint presentation for the company, pending our putting in the technical stuff. "The CEO of SEP is KM, who is a person noted for brushing his teeth everyday, and does not beat up his workers more than twice a week."

Chennai today has lovely, cloudy, cool, rainy weather which I LOVE.

A dear friend who was very sleepy when I called him the first time suddenly woke up and called back and wished me. Good morning A!

When we got out of the auto near the guest house where we are staying, I saw an Indian cork tree with its beautiful flowers spread in a heady-smelling carpet on the road and pavement. I gathered together a lot of flowers and the scent in our room is so wonderful...the best things in life are, really, free....

...Oh, and the incident...the last of our friends to visit yesterday had a little daughter who took such a mighty fancy to us that she was not willing to leave unless we left with her; so past midnight, we had to take a drive with them (they came back to ring our doorbell as she was crying!) and finally managed to convince her that we would visit soon...KM was feeling feverish and was tossing and turning, and I came awake at 3.45 am and decided to snooze a bit more...when we both woke up, it was 6.10 am and the train was at 6.30 am!!

So we took the Honda City, and drove,not to the City Station from which the train (Lalbagh Express) departs, but to the Cantonment Station where it reaches 15 minutes later. We called another dear friend (oh, yes, we are plentifully supplied with them, that's another reason I am happy!) and asked him to pick up the car from the station, which is walking distance from his home. We made it quite comfortably on to the train, too! Within minutes of our going into the station, he called that he had taken charge of the car (we had of course left it open but didn't advertise the fact!) We went to sleep, relieved, after the train started, and woke up smiling at each other, that two rattle-brained people had managed yet again!

I must actually post pictures of this wonderful little station for my non-Indian friends. It is a relic from the British past, as of now has TWO platforms, and is SO very beautiful in its architecture and its setting..the Chennai/Bangalore railway line passes through the city streets and many of us have the option of taking the train at either City, Cantonment, or Krishnarajapuram, God bless Bangalore!

I often joke with my last-minute-to-the-airport husband that he also needs a Cantonment airport...

And, this evening, we are attending a "Sangeet"(Music) session to do with the wedding of our friends' son. It is also the brides' birthday today; and our friends' son in law is also an excellent singer and we expect a LOT of great singing today. What a LOVELY way to spend a birthday!

So...with all the the scrapes and the sightings and the sangeet, and the simple sweetness of the affection I get from everyone...it's been a great birthday so far!

Happy co-birthday, udhay!

something I wrote in an email


I wrote this in an email to udhay (who, remarkably, never deletes an email and identified me from one I had sent him by mistake in 2000)......

 have been very lucky in being able to get along with people more than 20
years older and more than 20 years younger than I am...so to me, age is a state of
mind. (except when some bones and muscles --or lack of them-- disagree.)
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Small pleasures

Life consists of small,unexpected pleasures. udhay had told me about a restaurant near our place, and we decided to check it out for lunch yesterday...and who do we meet, but Udhay himself, with his beautiful wife and delightful daughter! We persuaded them to come back in and keep us company while we ate. (The restaurant is called Spice Up and though it looks like a casual eatery, the food is pretty good.)

Apsara is a real delight. One can see the intelligence gleam out of her eyes. She is *thinking* when she looks at you. She enthralled Mohan by going to him immediately, which most children don't do, much to his chagrin. She smiled at us, wanted to be let loose, tried to eat the crockery and cutlery...and in general, enchanted us!

I am NOT a maternal person...in fact, I have never really regretted having just one child...but children (especially in small doses, when fed and clothed!) are SO delightful!

Met someone..

I think I have been very fortunate in meeting many people over blogs or email, who subsequently become good friends....today I arranged to meet up with udhay, whose pursuits have impressed...and intrigued....me.

I felt so comfortable talking to him that I spent considerably longer than I had planned, and some of the writing for the day has been postponed....he spoke of the many things he liked to do, and I was amazed how he found the time for everything!

He is unusual to me in that he first founded his own IT company and then wound it up and moved to a large IT company...it's more usual to hear the reverse.

Oh...I never got to talking to him about his interest in fragrances, which was what I wrote to him first about! Well, there was a whole lot of other interesting stuff he had to say...he is amazingly knowledgeable about a variety of subjects! He says he has a "packrat" memory..seems a prodigious memory to me..and the recall factor seems excellent,too!

He says he loves to connect with people, and loves to connect people...what a profile for someone who does marketing-oriented work!

Looking forward to meeting more of his friends...