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The sun through a shade...


Just pulling a shade across the window dramatically changes what I see through it.

I am wondering how many such shades...of prejudice, pre-conceived notions, and ignorance...alter my perception of the world around me, and reduce its true beauty?

View from the window of the Double-Decker train, Bangalore to Chennai, 111113.


Here's something that I wrote to a friend, who's just taken up photography:

Try GIMP, which is free, unlike the overpriced Photoshop (unless of course you get a pirated version, which is quite easy to get). I find Picasa (a very basic program) adequate for my very basic zoomings and croppings, and for me, an added advantage is that when I use it to email photos, it downsizes them for me. I'm sure many new post-processing programs have come up recently...trawl the net for some.

My personal...er...focus... is documentation, not the artistic photograph, so I have long since discarded the idea of enhancement/manipulation of images. (I never shoot in RAW, even on the DSLR, a fact that will make most serious photographers shrink back in utter disgust.)

But it's a good skill to learn. If you want to...attend one of the post-processing workshops in Bangalore. They are all very good!

Of course, the important thing is to get a good photograph first, but I love the fact that the processing is our hands now, not some nameless technician in some colour laboratory, who's using a leftover batch of chemicals on our precious images!

You can also, on the net, pick up tips on some basic techniques. We are all generally short on time, and often, when we don't post at once, we never get around to it at all. My photography is pretty basic, and I look forward to your rapidly going past that stage!


What's YOUR take on post-processing? The eternal debate on "is it enhancement or manipulation?" rages on.....

Photography vs. the Message....

This is a clear illustration of what a photograph means to different people.

I wanted to post a message for Deepavali on my blog, and decided to try out online editing on Photobucket and I chose a (yes, I admit it) somewhat random photograph for the trial, and since I was running out of time, posted the pic with the message added.

Comments as usual were few, but when I met a friend over the weekend, I asked why s/he had not commented. "Why did you choose THAT photograph?" this person asked.

To this person, the quality of the photograph is more important than the message, so the feeling was that the less-than-desired quality of the photograph did not merit a reciprocal comment.

To me, the documentation of the message ("Happy Deepavali") is more important than whether the flowers are in focus and crisp and clear and the photo is well-composed.

Different strokes for different folks! Now, when I see no comments, I don't know if it's the bad photograph that people are refraining from criticising, or the message itself is not important enough for them to respond to...

Hm. Something to be mulled over!

So meanwhile, here's a less-than-perfect, but to me, lovely photograph of the very pretty girl who played the part of the heroine of "Choon Hyang", a Korean musical by 20 children from Theatre Seoul, the review of which I will be putting up on Citizen Matters shortly.... it was a wonderful way to spend a birthday, with friends, watching children from a land far away, dance, and sing, and entertain us.....

Choon Hyang..the heroine

A thing (or a human being) of beauty IS a joy forever!


For those who asked....

I should have known that I could not post a pic of a yacht, even in the background of a picture, without getting requests to post photos of it, too! I got one request over LJ and several over email..so for those who want to see the yacht, the "Taj Cinnamon Coast", riding at anchor in all her beauty...here's a pic of the hotel with the yacht, from a distance:

taj malabar, with yacht and landing jetty kochi kerala

The hotel is NOT that high-rise building on the left that's a public building,which I should remember from all my visits to Kochi...but don't!

(Update. Srikrishna, a friend who reads my blog-but never comments!- says that it is the Kochi Port Trust Building, which of course I should have remembered! Thanks, Sri.)

... the heritage part of the hotel is hidden behind the trees, and the small tower block is to the right, not in the pic at all.

And here's a close up of both the yacht and the powerboat that the hotel uses:

Yacht and powerboat,Taj Malabar,Kochi Kerala 260807

Of course I took a guided tour of the yacht, though we didn't have the time to spend one night on it, as was advertised! We also didn't do this because the rooms at the hotel (well, at least the ones facing the backwaters, I presume) had a very intriguing feature...the bathroom had a blind that could be pushed up, so that whatever it was you were doing in the bathroom, eg soaking in the tub, shaving, or merely reigning on the throne, you had a view of the outside!

Here's the view OF the bathroom from the room itself:

details of bathroom-with-a-view

And here's the view FROM the bathroom, you can see the tub in the foreground:

details of bathroom-with-a-view

and for those who are curious about that elephant backside I had posted earlier, here's the outdoor pavilion with one corner showing a sitting elephant ( a most awkward pose to depict, I thought!)

detail of building and elephant statues taj malabar260807 kochi kerala

We did wish we could stay a day more, at least, at this place!